Collision Detection with OpenCL

>> Saturday, October 22, 2011

At long last, I've added collision detection to my OpenCL-OpenGL application. The application executes three OpenCL kernels at regular time intervals. The first generates n choose 2 active work-items, where n is the number of figures in the model. Each work-item determines whether a given pair of objects has collided, and if so, it alters their velocities according to two equations:

  • v1_new = (v1*(m1-m2) + 2*m2*v2)/(m1+m2)
  • v2_new = (v2*(m2-m1) + 2*m1*v1)/(m1+m2)
The second kernel generates n active work-items, one for each figure in the model. This kernel updates the figure's velocity and displacement with the following equations:
  • velocity += acceleration * delta_t
  • displacement = velocity * delta_t
The third kernel generates one work-item for every vertex in the model and updates the vertex's position with the displacement computed earlier. Then the vertices are ready to be rendered.


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