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>> Monday, January 23, 2012

  • I've found new resources for OpenGL programmers. OGLplus provides a header file that makes it possible to code OpenGL applications with C++ functions. Megabyte Softworks has released a tutorial for OpenGL 3.3 here and Durian software has a tutorial here. As before, Jason McKesson's magnficent tutorial is here.
  • AMD has recently released version 2.6 of its SDK, which can be obtained here.
  • In addition to OpenCL support, ARM will provide an open-source, reverse-engineered graphics driver for its upcoming Mali GPU. The Phoronix article is here.
  • AMD has decided to change the name of its Fusion architecture to the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture. I couldn't find a press release on the AMD site, but the brief mention at is here.


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