>> Sunday, April 15, 2012

The GPU Technology Conference 2012 is being held in San Jose from May 14-17. Given the name, you might expect a broad coverage of GPU technologies, from traditional offerings by AMD and Nvidia to ARM's mobile GPUs and the embedded GPU in Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. But this is not the case. GTC 2012 is an Nvidia-centric event, and as the schedule makes clear, no GPU manufacturer but Nvidia will be discussed.

This isn't the first time Nvidia has tried to convince people that they're the only game in town. At SC11, many attendees told me they'd never consider OpenCL because they'd heard it was too experimental and not as widely supported as CUDA (the reverse is true). After I gave my talk on OpenCL-OpenGL interoperability, every question from the audience focused on my choice of language: "Why would you use OpenCL instead of CUDA?" and "Don't you know how easy CUDA is to program?" and "Don't you care about performance?"

I hope the audience at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit will be more receptive. My breakout session, "Solid Modeling on the Fusion," will consist of three parts. The first two are theoretical, and present the basics of solid modeling and the mathematics underlying non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS). In the last part, I'll demonstrate how NURBS can be processed and rendered at high speed using OpenCL, OpenGL, and AMD's heterogeneous processor architecture. I think it will be a great time.


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