>> Sunday, April 1, 2012

My spare time has fallen precipitously, but I feel compelled to mention a few points:

  • Current versions of Mac OS do support OpenCL 1.1. I'm not certain which OS versions or hardware configurations are compliant, but this link provides a good way to check using clGetDeviceInfo.
  • I received an e-mail saying that floating-point values can be added atomically by using as_int, which tells OpenCL to interpret floating-point values as integers. This is possible, but you have to make sure every value has the same sign and exponent. I think it would be easier to multiply the floating-point values by an integer (say 10000), round the products to integers value, and add them together using atomic_add.
  • I'm still working on a NURBS modeling tool based on OpenGL, OpenCL, and Qt. I'd originally planned to rely on COLLADA for file persistence, but many have recommended the ISO 10303 format, commonly called STEP. Unfortunately, STEP's underlying language (EXPRESS) is based on Pascal, there are few examples of its usage online, and each part of the ISO standard costs about $300. One part of the standard discusses XML formatting, but instead of providing a schema, it explains how to create a schema of your own. Frustrating. I think I'll stick with COLLADA.


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