AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012

>> Saturday, June 9, 2012

AMD is holding its Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, WA next week from Monday through Thursday. The posted agenda doesn't say anything about what subjects will be discussed, but you can read about the session topics here.

I'm interested in the talks related to holography, computer vision, sparse matrices, and "actually building stuff." There's also a talk on AMD's new Media Lab toolset, which should be worth hearing about. Of course, I'm particularly interested in the Trinity APU. I have a laptop with an A8-3500M APU, and though I haven't run any graphics-intensive applications, I'm very happy with it.

My presentation on solid modeling will be on Wednesday at 5:15 in Hyatt: Evergreen G. I'll explain the overall theory and then demonstrate what I've accomplished with OpenCL-accelerated NURBS processing.


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