OpenCL and Android

>> Sunday, October 28, 2012

I can't wait for the Nexus 10 to be released. I'm looking forward to the new Android 4.2 OS, but my main interest is its graphics processor. According to leaked reports, the Nexus 10 contains a Mali-T604 GPU. A few months ago, ARM submitted this device to the Khronos Group to verify its compliance with the OpenCL 1.1 standard. Not just the embedded version of OpenCL, but the full profile.

In other words, this tablet's GPU will be able to execute the same OpenCL kernels as a desktop GPU. Neat, huh? I've never forgiven myself for not having jumped on the Android bandwagon the moment it left the station. But it's not too late...

ETA: One reader has pointed out that a development board is about to be released that contains the Mali-T604 GPU and Samsung's Exynos processor (the CPU of the Nexus 10). Unfortunately, ARM hasn't provided any OpenCL drivers or development tools. It seems odd that they'd go to the trouble of obtaining OpenCL compliance and not release an SDK. Maybe ARM will announce its OpenCL strategy at the ARM TechCon. Hmm.


Sean Lumly February 2, 2013 at 8:24 AM  

Indeed, it is disappointing that OpenCL is not on the device. Hopefully something changes in this regard. Renderscript is functional but seems lacking at this stage in its development.

I have a Nexus 10, and got it expressly for the purpose of diving into het-compute. While I have yet to do anything useful, I am hoping that Android 5 takes Renderscript much further.

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