OpenCL Disabled on Android

>> Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alas, Rahul Garg's assessment of OpenCL on Android is accurate. As of version 4.3, Android devices do not allow OpenCL kernels to be compiled. I've verified this on the Nexus 10, but I can't speak for other devices.

Google has tolerated OpenCL in the past, but as of version 4.3, they've put their foot down. For high-performance computing on Android devices, Renderscript Compute is now the only option.

ETA: Vincent Hindriksen has an excellent write-up on the topic here. I agree wholeheartedly.


Article on Missing Libraries

I submitted this post without fully examining OpenCL on the Android. Please see the next post.

I have a high opinion of Rahul Garg, but his article conflicts with my experience. I just installed the 4.3 factory image for the Nexus 10, and using adb, I verified that was still in the system/vendor/lib/egl directory. When I launched my OpenCL testing app, it told me the GPU supports OpenCL 1.1. For the Nexus 10 at least, it appears that OpenCL development is still available.

I don't own a Nexus 7, so I can't answer as to whether its libraries are still available or not.


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